Embrace the Underpainting

Freedom thought: embrace the underpainting.  


Few people know but the most exquisite paintings with the richest colors and deepest depths are the ones whose creator took the time for an underpainting; that is, the seemingly nonsensical color scheme first painted underneath the finished piece. The Mona Lisa?  I’d bet $50 that she started as a strange green hue, worked with a million washes on top to perfect it to a flesh.  The thing is, the pigments from below still register to the eye though they seem imperceptible and have long since dried.  Certain colors underneath will draw you deeper into the piece where others will make the image pop right off the canvas–and all you think you see is white! 


My point?  


You may feel like your present picture makes no sense and could even be embarrassingly mismatched and ugly…but your Creator is not lazy; He will not just give you a top layer with no depth.  Those barely there pigments are elements of your testimony; those precious bits of wisdom in your spirit that will bless those to whom you have been called to minister.  If life looks weird, realize that He’s not finished yet…you might just be the underpainting so far.  Bod paves our way for us through hurts, successes, loves, losses, tragedy, blessings, relationship, and grace…all these take time to paint and to dry…know He is STILL working…and if YOU aren’t happy with what you see, He is probably already at work blending the shades for the next and final layers.  Take the time to dry…and embrace your underpainting.


Exhibits A-D: 


The underpainting is a little on the rough side sometimes…

But new is added to cover over and replace the old…something awesome begins to emerge…

Forms are recognizable…the why’s and what’s and huh’s begin to define themselves…

 And then in the end it all makes sense. 



He knows what He is doing.  

Trust Him. 

And Embrace your underpainting.  




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